Quality and Environment

Our quality and environmental system is certified according to ISO 9001/14001. With this quality and environmental systems, we design a project adapted quality and environmental plan for our projects.

Quality and Environmental Manual
A Policies, objectives philosophy and business idea
B Management and Process Management
C Document
D Purchase
E Staff
F Administration and Economics
G Offer
H Order
I Sales
J Implement mission

Projects adapted Quality and Environmental Plan
– Assignment Notification/ contract
– Project specific documents
– Roles and responsibilities assigned
– Start-up Meeting
– Final meeting

– Design parameters
– Work environment
– Tap water
– Rain/storm water
– Sewage
– Sprinkler
– Cooling
– Heating
– Ventilation
– Control and monitoring (BMS)
– Fire
– Electrical
– Construction
– Cost estimate
– Calculus for turnkey contract
– Documents
– Project compilation
– Adjustment
– Construction inspection
– Control mission
– CE
– Energy analysis
– Operational optimization
– Operation and maintenance
– Education
– Investors quality and environmental plans
– Client’s quality and environmental plans
– Total Contractor’s quality and environmental plans