VCON – knowledge about indoor-climate and energy

We help our clients throughout the entire project, from concept to finished product. We work for energy-efficient and flexible systems in the project and aim to solve our customers´ problems by finding the simplest solutions. We create a good indoor climate with low energy consumption to the right cost and delivers technical consulting services with good profitability for the customers´.

We really appreciate the confidence and excellent cooperation we have had with you during the past year. 2019 has been […]

Hisingens logistik är en är en del i en av nordens största logistikanläggningar. Etapp två omfattar totalt ca 35 000m² och […]

Kvarteret Bronsen i Gullbergsvass förvandlas till ett attraktivt kontorsområde där de gamla industrikvarteren från början på 1900-talet förvandlas till moderna […]